TLC Nails for Healthier Nails

Beautiful nails take time and care but with TLC nails
you can fast track your way to strong and healthy nails
in just one coat.

TLC nails works with an anti-fungal ingredient; a fast drying base coat that will not only keep your nails pristine but gives them the strength they need to stay in pristine condition.

Fungal nail conditions can be unsightly and spoils the effect of stunning nails no matter how hard you try to cover it up with regular polish. TLC nails is laboratory formulated with Undecenoic Acid, an active ingredient that works to diminish the effects of fungal nails. Not only does TLC Nails help if you need to pause your anti- fungal treatment but it acts as a resistant base coat to avoid early chipping and to make your colour stand the test of time.



Applying TLC Nails as a top coat vastly improves the longevity of your colour and helps prevent chipping, saving you time and money.



TLC Nails Base Coat is a unique product in the Australian market and the quality is of the highest standard. The results speak for themselves.